The Popular & Attractive People

Creative Direction

SNS-enabled article generator that showers reachers with personalized compliments. "Kumakuro" is a smartphone game of a new genre called "crossword RPG (role-playing game)." This game offers the enjoyment of finger actions unique to smartphones such as pinching, dragging, and tapping. In celebration of the game's release, we created a promotional website that leverages Facebook targeting ads and basic user information to personalize the content to individual users. The website features an interview with romantic relationship specialist Haruka Ito a.k.a. "Hachu" on the topic of "the popular and attractive people in the latter half of 2015." The Facebook information of each user reading the article is implemented into the article to generate a personalized article filled with praises for the user. To accommodate to factors including each user's age, residence, family name and workplace, over 130,000 copies were created. On the day of publication, the article attracted 150,000 views. The number of views reached 270,000 in four days.
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