Feel So Moon

Creative Direction

.A book-hack music video. The song "Feel So Moon" was written by the Japanese rock band UNICORN, specially for "Space Brothers," a TV animation series based on a popular Japanese comic. We were asked to make a music video that can promote both the song and the original comic. In order to achieve that, we created a mixed media music video by incorporating the CD package, the comics, and the special quarterly magazine of "Space Brothers" as a part of the video. We carefully embedded multiple graphic elements into each of the products beforehand, and used them as props to film the video. For example, we designed the actual CD in advance to create the running dog zoetrope, and inserted flip book animation on the corner of the magazine, etc. We even asked the author to insert the band members into the actual comic book. On the special website, the video was supported with an in-depth commentary, describing which media and pages were used for each of the scenes. The background moved in sync with the music, and the fans were able to click and buy that product directly through an amazon.co.jp link.

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