FCV Plus Interactive Show

Creative Direction

Visualization of "hydrogen automobile of the future" with dome-shaped interactive live show Energy is a serious issue around the world. Toyota's proposal for the next generation hydrogen automobile "FCV PLUS" is not merely an eco-friendly vehicle, but an "energy car" that generates and shares energy with society, serving as the core of smart grid. At the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, the stars of the debut presentation for FCV PLUS are children who will be living that future. We invite children actually visiting the Tokyo Motor Show to enter and play in the interactive space of the dome theater featuring 360-degree projections. The actions of the children then become a presentation for the future hydrogen society. Time-slipping to the future, generating hydrogen along with the car, and sharing the energy created by the car with everyone... This is a sneak preview of the bright future of children, the next generation leaders.

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