Event Organization

Make, Demo, Touch. Demo Day is a culture of creators and entrepreneurs gathering to demonstrate their own creations. With the intention of bringing the energy of Demo Day in the U.S. to Japan, "DemoDay.Tokyo" started in December 2015. Since then, artists, fashion designers, programmers, designers...creators from an array of fields have stood in front hundreds of people and presented their own work and projects. This round of DemoDay.Tokyo takes a different form --- lesser and narrower. "DemoDay.Tokyo into CODE" features just a few digital creators and their work. The term "into" means "being enthralled by something" "being absorbed" and "in-depth." This is our attempt at realizing a platform where the raw excitement of the creative process happens in its purest form. Aug. 21 (SUN) in Daikanyama, welcome to a slightly smaller "DemoDay.Tokyo."

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